The 7 most common marketing mistakes manufacturers make: my ebook

Thursday, October 1, 2015

I just wrote an e-book that came out of a conversation with a friend of mine who manages a government program to help U.S. manufacturers who are being slammed by competition from overseas.

Helping US manufacturers confront new global competition
When low cost rivals from overseas steal business from established American tech companies and manufacturers, it can come as a shock. You’re doing fine for years and suddenly you’re getting hammered. My friend’s federally funded Western Trade Adjustment Center educates and supports affected companies to to become more competitive by making changes in all kinds of areas, from supply chains to IT to manufacturing processes.

I offered to create some content for her to use to educate her companies on the marketing and branding piece, and the idea for a series ebooks was born. The first one is about what not to do.

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Technology- and sales-driven companies often go along fine for years without paying any attention to marketing and branding. Innovation and engineering rule. Then, the world changes and the marketing mistakes that didn’t matter come back to bite them. Fixing these mistakes can not only make a big difference, it’s a lot faster than easier than re-engineering a product or process.

The 7 mistakes I see most often
Over the past 30 years I’ve been involved in re-branding scores of innovative manufacturing, tech, agricultural and service companies to deal with new marketplace realities. For this ebook, I boiled down the most common mistakes I see along with tips on how to fix them:

  1. Not looking as good as you are
  2. Shooting before you aim
  3. Not being clear
  4. Talking to yourself
  5. Leaving Sales out in the cold
  6. Not leveraging the Web
  7. Fragmentation (multiple personality disorder)

For details, download the free ebook. Actually the principles in this ebook apply to any business faced with copycats and lower-cost competition.

By Farida Fotouhi