Sign #7 that your company’s message is obsolete and it’s time to reposition.

Monday, December 7, 2015

When you first started, you could get by with the home-grown approach. Now you’re ready for the next leap forward. It’s time to bring in professional marketers for strategy and execution.

Sure, some companies never grow up. And they manage to be successful.

But as a rule, in business as in life, making a professional impression, being clear and uncluttered in the way you present yourself and generally looking and sounding as good as you can, usually go a long way toward achieving success (at least until you’re so successful that you can go to work in your pajamas).

If your communications materials don’t look and sound as good as you and your company are, don’t feel bad. Most companies’ don’t.
Which is puzzling, because from our point of view, that is the easy part. Developing your products is what’s hard. And you’ve already done that.

And that’s the problem, often you’re so focused on the hard parts of your business (engineering, finance, hiring), that you can overlook the easy part (marketing).

Easy for us to say. That’s all we do.

And that’s the point. You’ve probably reached a level that requires that you portray yourself as a grown up (sorry). A good marketing and communications program can do that for you. And the best part is, for a change, you don’t have to do anything.

So it may be time to reposition. So you can start to look and sound like the company you want to be.


Case study: t4 Spatial

t4 Spatial’s cloud-based software and service solution helps cities manage underground infrastructure networks in revolutionary ways. To take the company to the next level, we applied our fast-track Reality-Based process to develop a rebranding strategy, which we brought to life in new logo, website, sales support kits and content marketing. Result: new market traction including contracts with major municipalities.

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By Farida Fotouhi