Can you explain your product to a 6-year-old?

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Most companies get far too complicated when they explain themselves to the people they care about. Like customers. And investors. How many times have you heard a 10-minute presentation and wondered, “What do these guys do, again?”

What you need is a simple, clear value proposition. And a messaging strategy that comes from your customer’s perspective. Not your developer’s. This holds true whether your audience is 6, 26, or 66 years old. And whether they’re OEM engineers, systems integrators, or end users.

When you’re formulating your elevator pitch, sometimes it helps to pretend that you’re explaining what you do to a kid. It gets you past the buzzwords and specs to the simple and compelling “reason to buy”.

What’s the main pain?

Your innovation probably does dozens of amazing things in a lot of different areas. But what’s the most important “pain” that it relieves?

Your value proposition should include the main problem that your product solves, for whom, and why it’s better than the current alternative.  For each segment, you will need a slightly different slant on your value proposition.


But wait, there’s more!

People don’t just buy functional specs. They buy based on a sum total of experiences of your company. In other words, they have to fall in love with your brand. As important as it is, your killer innovation is only part of the picture. Even in the most technical marketplaces, people make decisions based on emotional factors as well as well as rational ones.

If we can leave you with just one thought, it’s this: Simplify! Remember, your message must be so clear and memorable, even a six-year-old will get it. Let alone a CEO.



By Reality2