Our executive team.

Farida Fotouhi
Farida Fotouhi is President of Reality2, a marketing, branding and creative services company she founded to help clients address new realities in the business environment. Prior to Reality2, she was co-founder and CEO of Fotouhi Alonso Inc., which was one of LA’s top mid-sized advertising agencies for over 20 years. Farida has spent 30 years working with clients ranging from major national brands to entrepreneurial start-ups. Her experience spans virtually every category in both BtoB and consumer marketing.

Jorge Alonso
Partner/Creative Director
After graduating from the Art Center College of Design, Jorge held various positions at some of the top graphic design studios in Los Angeles, working on such accounts as Carnation, Twentieth Century Fox and Glendale Federal Savings. He co-founded Fotouhi Alonso over thirty years ago, and now at Reality2, his focus continues to be producing creative work that’s firmly anchored in reality. Jorge has served on the boards of directors of the Los Angeles Creative Club and the Art Directors Club of Los Angeles.

Cesar Martin
Director of Digital and Print Production
Cesar Martin is the rare production and project management executive with an in-depth knowledge of both digital/web technology and the art of print production. He supervises our web programming team as well as outside vendors such as printers, making sure that every project gets done on time, on budget and on spec.


Our services.
Once we develop a strategy anchored in Reality-Based insights, we deploy it in unified programs that integrate the digital and physical. We get your branding “core” right first, from your website (the hub of your brand) to sales support tools. Then we create “outreach” assets for awareness and leads.


A history of firsts.

Reality2 (which began life as Fotouhi Alonso) has spent more than 30 years helping innovators change the world. Or at least a small slice of the world. We know how to successfully introduce new concepts and entirely new ways of doing things.

The skills we’ve developed to create change in habitual behavior serve our clients well, whether we’re launching a brand new technology or rebranding an established middle-market company. We’ve distilled our process into our proven “reality-based” approach, informed by insights and a certain intuition gained from three decades of experience in the physical and digital realms.



Autologic: the first digital typesetting system


Omnidata: The first upgradable computer


Catalina Marketing: the first electronic coupon

30+ years of experience: clients in every business category

From Honda to the FX Network to a wealth of B2B technology companies, our integrated programs have lifted
results for clients in just about every category and size range.

Our clients, past and present.

Over the past 30+ years we have worked with major multinational firms that are
household names, middle-market companies with niche products and entrepreneurial
startups. We have experience in just about every business category.

Companies you’ve probably heard of:



What some of our clients say.

Over the years, we’ve had many happy clients. Both in ongoing relationships and
on a single project basis. Below is what a few of them have to say:

“From concept through printing and programming, Reality2 is a marketing agency that exemplifies full service, adding a rare strategic vision that lifts them even further above other vendors. For the past nine years, Reality2 has assisted SNL Financial in the creation and management of its brand identity through various marketing channels, and provided an essential contribution to the company’s continued growth and success. Reliable, creative, fast, smart, funny, flexible, leading-edge and a true pleasure to work with — the gang at Reality2 is all that and more!Rick Wilkes, SNL Financial


“I have brought in Reality2 to develop new branding strategies and creative executions at two different companies in the past 10 years, and I recommend them highly. One outstanding thing about Reality2 is that “they get it”. They quickly grasp the technological side of what we do, even when a particular field is entirely new to them, and know how to translate it into a marketing message that has impact. Their output is crystal clear, whether it’s a website, brochure or advertising. They take the time to understand our target audiences and business goals and give us good ideas and advice. We see Reality2 as an integral extension of our team as we grow our company.”Ed Richards, CEO and President of t4 Spatial

“Reality2 did a tremendous job on our re-branding. They learned about our business, our competitors and the needs of our customers.They’re good listeners. Reality2’s branding strategy document was right on. Their creative work explained what is different about Pulmokine in a way that is easy to understand, credible and visually appealing. They have a very good aesthetic. We’ve been getting many positive reactions to our new website.“
Lawrence S. Zisman, M.D., Founder, Pulmokine

“Daylight Transport has worked with Reality2 since 2009 on a variety of marketing initiatives and programs. They have done an excellent job for us on both strategy and creative to highlight what it is that differentiates Daylight Transport from other Less-Than-Truckload carriers. For example, they developed an effective sales support program which positioned our speed and added-value services in terms of strategic savings for the customer, producing a kit of materials ranging from sales support literature to online landing pages. They created an entirely new website for us which re-branded Daylight and clearly set us apart from competitors. And the videos they have produced for us have been well-received. Farida and her team do great work.”Greg Steele, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Daylight Transport

“Reality2’s re-branding made the uniqueness of our brand tangible and relevant to our customers. We’re very excited about our new website, which shows how our software removes obstacles so that behavioral health agencies can help more people. The website also supports the special culture we’re building internally. From strategy through creative execution, Reality2 did an excellent job. I highly recommend them.” Peter Flick, CEO, Remarkable Health

“Reality2 has recently finished revamping our website and they did a terrific job, from strategy to creative execution. I can’t tell you what a pleasure it is to work with Farida, Jorge, Cesar and their group. They are extremely responsive. I highly recommend the Reality2 team.”Ali Applin, Director of Marketing at SenesTech, Inc.

“I have worked with Reality2 for many years on a wide range of marketing, branding and proposition development projects. They have an exceptional ability to quickly understand and synthesize the most complex and technical product/service offering. Once they capture the proposition, the Reality2 team crafts a compelling story, properly translated for each presentation medium. They bring true craftsmanship to marketing and communications.”David Baker, President, MessageBroadcast

“We engaged Reality2 to re-brand and reposition our web-based spinoff business. The Reality2 group gave us great strategic advice and brought it to life creatively. They immediately locked on to what was unique and created an online presence that was user accessible and differentiated. They solved our critical need to clearly articulate user benefits to turn visitors into customers who push the XapNews.com call to action button. I’ve known Farida for 12 years and highly recommend Reality2 – they’re your best strategic weapon.”Tracy Williams, President, Olmstead Williams and founder, XapNews.com

“We brought on Reality2 to update our company’s marketing communications presence on the web and in print. Throughout this effort, they maintained focus on our story and marketing objectives, and came up with excellent creative that resonated with our customers as we pre-tested the work prior to launch. I was impressed with the variety of their portfolio, and believe we benefited from their prior experience with our industry.”Phil Vandermost, Vice President of Marketing at Western Emulsions

“Our marketing plan (if you could call it that) had no direction.
Bringing Reality2 onto our team gave us a course to follow and a message that was consistent with all our services. Reality2 took the way we envisioned ourselves and projected that image into our marketing campaign”Don Sante, Pavement Recycling Systems

“After interviewing and hiring a variety of consultants over the past 15 years, Reality2 has outperformed everyone in all aspects. Their efforts to really understand our strategic needs and provide a product that really delivered our desired end result was truly exceptional. On top of that they are wonderful folks to work with in all respects”.Jean Guipe, Cal Poly Pomona University

“I first met Farida Fotouhi two years ago to help me develop a unified brand for our Integrative Medicine Clinic, wellness programs and supplements line. Farida’s insights and her intoxicating passion for branding and marketing strategies were astounding. The first words out my mouth to her were when our meeting was over were: “Can you start now?” I knew I had to grab this amazing opportunity right then, and I’m glad I did.
Farida and her team’s sound expertise and ability to fully “get” the strategic part of the Akasha brand were music to my ears. The results have been both creative and effective. They quickly understood what needed to be done from a business perspective to help us expand our company while retaining quality. Reality2 brought our brand to life, clearly conveying Akasha’s balance of evidence-based medicine and complementary modalities.
I could not say more about how lucky we feel to have found Reality2. Their creativity, brilliance, and the team’s ability to deliver on promises have easily exceeded all of our expectations, and continue to do so as our need for their business expertise grows daily.”Edison de Mello, MD, Founder & CEO, Akasha Center for Integrative Medicine

“Reality2 provided absolutely outstanding and indispensable services to our company to guide our corporate identity and market positioning strategies; finally turning our faceless R&D dreams into a commercial reality”.DerShung Young, Bright Outcome Medical

“Reality2 provided us with a solid grounding in the reality of our brand, our image and our offering. Unlike so many other “custom design” firms, their first concern was the message and the projection of our brand personality. Everything followed from that. Of course, they brought a highly refined, fun aesthetic to the engagement; that combined with their obvious flair for crisp, thoughtful messaging, understanding our customer, and, as important, the customer experience, enabled them to create a Website that qualifies as outstanding. It also allowed us to take a step back and view our own offering with an objective, balanced eye”.Rohit Shukla, LARTA (Los Angeles Regional Technology Alliance)

“The Reality2 team was imaginative, energetic, and most of all fun to work with. They assisted AccessIT significantly with the strategic direction of our messaging and creative content including our website, trade advertising and trade show booth presence, especially in the early days of our company”.Suzanne Moore, Access IT Digital Cinema