Entertainment B2B marketing in a brave new world

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

When one of the opening jokes on the 2013 Emmy Awards is, “Oh, TV, that thing you watch on your cell phone” you know that the sea changes in the TV industry have become common knowledge. Women 50+ are binging on Breaking Bad on their iPads. The Walking Dead, a cable show, beat the networks in ratings. House of Cards, which wasn’t even on traditional TV, was Emmy-nominated. It’s a whole new world.

The problem is that when you’re involved in the entertainment business in any way, it’s almost impossible to keep up with all the issues, changes and their implications for your own business.  New platforms, consumer behaviors, devices, technologies, filters, business models – it’s mind boggling.

Reality2 highlighted some of these burning questions in our B2B ad campaign about how our client SNL Kagan keeps all the players on top of the latest disruptions and developments. SNL Kagan is the leading provider of business intelligence (from interactive financial data to in-depth analysis) for and about Media & Communications.

Naturally there was a lot of homework behind the issues and questions we picked for our campaign. Not only did we tap into our knowledge of the industry, which comes from our experience with clients like SNL Kagan and The Hollywood Reporter. We worked with a number of SNL Kagan’s prominent analysts, whose studies are oft cited in media like The Wall Street Journal.

Our relevant campaign is getting attention and resonating with potential subscribers, which include content creators/distributors, service providers (cable, satellite, telco, online), technology firms (software and hardware) and new media companies.

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By Farida Fotouhi